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Welcome to the RULZ (Relationship’s Universal Lessonz)!

The RULZ platform is designed for women over the age of 30 who are in, have been in, or want to be in relationships with men. This no holds barred adult Trans4mational Conversation® delves into relationships issues such as self-esteem, love, sex, marriage, divorce, infidelity, forgiveness and other issues that comes to people trying to bond with another human being. The RULZ provides women with an honest, very direct perspective of the games that men play to captivate the attention and affection of a woman. This vantage point will equip women to defend themselves against the “playa” and the “game.”

Women have, and continue to, benefit from the “experience” of Coach Ellis as he helps unravel the male psyche, mindset, and expectations. Being retired from this game, he teaches about the importance of self-awareness, expectation management, personal bias in mate selection, understanding your significant other, the power of hotness, and many other time-proven relationship practices.

Coach has been helping women throughout the years by speaking to them from the perspective of a father, uncle, brother, son, ex, next, rebound and maintenance man. Women have been impacted by Coach’s RULZ from radio and television broadcasts, podcasts, blogs, articles and personal coaching. Changed lives and better relationships are evidence of the RULZ motto: “If you know the RULZ, you won’t get played!”

Join Coach Ellis and Friends as they discuss the RULZ of relationships, dating, romance, sex, and love. If you know the RULZ you won’t get played!


Contact The Show:
Phone: (757) 828-6572
Email: Coach@therulz.com